昔の埠頭晴海本社ビル木の道埠頭の写真(MMCオートスクエア竣工後)江間忠ウッドベース姫路工場内部山太陽光発電Yarrow Bay Plaza東扇島冷凍倉庫江間忠ウッドベース鹿島事務所入り口
October 1923 Chuzo Ema establishes Emachu Store at Fukagawa Kiba in Tokyo
June 1951 Changes the organization from Emachu Store to Emachu Corporation Co., Ltd
November 1958 Establishes Emachu Plywood Co., Ltd
April 1968 Completion of Lumber Trading Wharf in Shinminato, Chiba
May 1970 Establishes Vancouver branch of Emachu Corporation Co., Ltd in Canada
March 1973 Establishes Canadian affiliated company, ELK TRADING CO., LTD. (Vancouver BC, Canada)
October 1974 Completion of the Harumi Headquarters Building in Harumi,Tokyo
January 1977 Establishes USA affiliated company, EMACHU (USA) INC. (Seattle WA, U.S.A.)
March 1986 Completion of Emachu Kinshicho Building in Kinshicho,Tokyo
June 1987 Completion of Chiba Cement Silo in Chiba
April 1989 Completion of Kawasaki Logistics Center in Higashi Ogishima, Kawasaki
June 1990 Debarking facility starts operation in Gamagori office
December 1990 Completion of Niigata Logistics Center as a distribution center in Niigata
March 1994 Completion of Nagoya Logistics Center in Nagoya city, Aichi
June 1994 Completion of Chiba Autosquare in Shinminato, Chiba
July 1994 Establishes Emachu Home Components Co., Ltd.
July 1994 Completion of Kashima Working Center in Kashima city, Ibaraki
November 1995 Establishes Sorecs Co., Ltd. headquatered in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka
September 1997 Completion of Shinkiba Station Front Building in Shinkiba, Tokyo
December 1997 Establishes Emachu Wood Base Co., Ltd. headquartered in Gamagori city, Aichi
February 2001 Establishes Emachu Wood Base Kashima Co., Ltd. headquartered in Kashima city, Ibaraki
June 2001 Establishes Sorecs Kanto Co., Ltd. headquartered in Kashima city, Ibaraki
June 2003 Establishes "Emachu Mokuzai, Emachu Plywood research subsidy system" in The Japan Wood Research Society (The 80th anniversary commemoration of the society contribution activity)
July 2003 Completion of Emachu Sakura Building in Yaesu, Tokyo
July 2003 Establishes Emachu Wood Base Himeji Co., Ltd. headquartered in Himeji city, Hyogo
September 2003 Completion of Emachu Home Components Co., Ltd. Noda Factory in Noda city, Chiba
February 2005 Establishes Emachu Lam-tech Co., Ltd. headquartered in Nasushiobara city, Tochigi
November 2005 Establishes Emachu Hanyugodo Hot Springs in Hanyu city, Saitama
December 2006 Completion of Takaishi Logistics Center in Takaishi city, Osaka
April 2007 [Company separation]
Separates forest products business division from former Emachu Corporation Co., Ltd. and establishes new Emachu Mokuzai Co., Ltd.
Former Emachu Corporation Co., Ltd. changes its name to Emachu Holdings Co., Ltd.
March 2008 Acquisition of Goshuindaniyama timberland in Naka, Tokushima
August 2008 Completion of Hitachi Logistics Center in Hitachi city, Ibaraki
December 2008 Acquisition of Haruno-cho timberland in Tenryu, Shizuoka
January 2009 Completion of Sakai Logistics Center in Sakai city, Osaka
March 2010 Acquisition of Misakubo-cho timberland in Tenryu, Shizuoka
April 2010 Emachu Mokuzai Co., Ltd. merges with Emachu Plywood Co., Ltd. Newly named Emachu Mokuzai Co., Ltd.
October 2010 Completion of Nagareyama Shopping Center in Nagareyama city, Chiba
April 2012 Opens Sendai office
December 2012 Operation begin at Nagareyama Photovoltaic Power Facilities
April 2013 Opens Osaka office
June 2013 Aquisition of Yarrow Bay Plaza

(Seattle area, United States)
March 2014 Completion of Higashi-Ogishima Refrigerated Warehouse (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
March 2014 Acquisition of Timberland in Tenryu, Shizuoka (about 300ha) Total area of timberland Emachu group owns exceeds 1,500ha.
June 2014 Completion of a new plant of Emachu Wood Base Kashima Co., Ltd. (Kashima, Ibaraki)

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